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The Letter Vee Commercial License Agreement

If you have a subscription to The Letter Vee Commercial plan, all downloads are automatically covered under this license. Simple as that!


Create Unlimited Physical End Products*Create limited Digital End Products*Create your own items that you sell on Print-on-Demand (POD) sites*Use designs to digitize quotes, words, names or sayings and sell those designs digitally as well as physically*Convert templates to other formats for your clients*Keep selling products after you cancel your subscription. For example, you are allowed to keep selling existing "Quotes / Banners / Shirts / etc" that you created while you had an active subscription.

* Please read the right way to use the products below.


Resell, sub-license, share or (re)distribute any of the digital files*Install or embed on 3rd party platforms/serversConvert templates to other formats and sell those as new templates*Create new designs when you stop your subscription. For example: once you cancel your subscription, you are not allowed to create new "Quotes / Banners / Shirts / etc." and sell those items

Physical End Products

Here are examples of how to use your downloads for Physical End Products. EXAMPLE: printing a design on a mug and selling that mug.


Download a design and print/transfer it on a physical item without making modifications and subsequently sell that physical item*Download a design, modify it, and print/transfer it on physical item and subsequently sell that physical item*Sell unlimited copies of the physical items that you create with a design.The physical product can be sold worldwide for an unlimited amount of time (for example, product packaging, apparel, and more)*Create physical products that you give away, to friends or as part of a promotional product*Keep selling physical items after your subscription ends, providing that the design for the physical item was created while you had an active subscription.


Provide a digital copy of the design of the original font/design with your physical product*Modify or create new designs after your subscription ends and print those on physical products that you sell (you can only do this if you created the design while you had an active subscription)

Digital End Products

A Digital End Product is a product in a digital format that is intended for sale to multiple people (for example a wedding invite template).


Use elements to create a new design - For example, you are allowed to add graphic elements to create a new template*Create new designs combining multiple downloaded resources and adding items of your own, as long as the new design is flattened and the original items cannot be extracted.


Create end products that compete with the original product. For example, you cannot bundle multiple designs and sell that as a new product, or simply change basic elements such as color and size and sell that as a new product*You cannot sell in a way that is directly competitive with the original item that you downloaded. For example, you cannot grab a printable bundle and resell it as a printable bundle*Create a digital product that includes single elements or allows users to extract the elements that you've used (all designs must be flattened).

Print on Demand (POD) Usage

POD services allow you to upload products/designs and only print/make them once the customer orders (e.g. RedBubble, Amazon Merch, Zazzle, Printify, PrintedMint, etc).


Create and upload graphics to POD sites*You can use partial designs to create quotes, sentences, word art, etc and upload those designs to POD sites*Generate unlimited sales via POD sites*Ship valid POD products worldwide.


Make the digital files available for anyone to download, other than uploading them to the POD site for selling*Keep selling Full POD files without modification after you end your subscription*When your subscription is ended you need to remove the Full POD files from all POD sites.

Full License Text

This license is effective on all sales and downloads made on and after the 9th of September 2022. This license is an agreement between You and The Letter Vee. When downloading an item while you have an active subscription, You will receive the rights to use the items as defined in this license. Permitted Usage

Products can be used to create unlimited projects and/or products (both physical & digital) for personal and commercial use.You are allowed to create digital end products that you sell. In all cases, the product that you create must NOT compete with the original product.Products can be used for Print on Demand (POD).After your subscription ends, you can keep selling items that you created while you had an active subscription forever.After your subscription ends, you can create new items and designs using the craft files.This license is valid worldwideNo attribution is required

Prohibited Usage The description in this license covers most scenarios. However, it can happen that a scenario is not covered. In case you are unclear if the product can be used for your intended use, you agree to contact us at veeletters@gmail.com before you start using the product. This license may be updated over time with more use cases. In case these use cases don't actually change the permitted use of the items and is for clarification purposes only, you will not be notified.

You are never allowed to resell, share, re-distribute or otherwise transfer items downloaded to other 3rd parties.You are not allowed to keep selling POD files after your subscription ends.After your subscription ends, you cannot use graphics to create new products/projects. You can keep selling existing products/projects that you made.You are allowed to create Digital End Products that you sell. At all cases, the product cannot directly compete with the original product.Digital End Products need to be flattened at all times, disabling customers/users from extracting the original design. E.g. using a flower to create another template is allowed, as long as the user cannot extract the original flower image from the file you create.Items or end products cannot be registered as a trademark in any territory. This license gives you non-exclusive rights. Other users can download and use the products as well, so you cannot claim sole ownership.

Terms, Indemnification & Disclaimer

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless The Letter Vee and its directors, employees, partners & affiliates from and against all allegations, suits, claims, actions, demands, damages, liabilities, obligations, losses, settlements, judgments, costs and expenses (including without limitation reasonable attorneys' fees and costs) which arise out of using any of the products obtained from this site.In case You did not breach the terms & conditions of this license and suffer damages because of a product used, we will indemnify You by refunding the full charge of your latest subscription charge, provided that you inform us within 3 working days after damage occurs. Decisions regarding settlements of indemnification will be made at The Letter Vee's sole discretion.The Letter Vee is not responsible for settlements, legal fees and/or other costs made by any party without prior agreement from The Letter Vee's directors.You understand that some items are created and added by 3rd parties. While we do our best to remove content that might breach copyrights or trademarks, The Letter Vee cannot be held responsible for items that are added. As soon suspicion arises that items might breach (local) laws or trademarks, you will notify us as soon as possible at veeletters@gmail.comThis license cannot be re-sold or transferred to any third party.In case parts of this license will be void or invalid, the rest of the license will remain into full effect.

In case you have any questions, you can contact us at veeletters@gmail.com